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I hate shopping.
I never really thought I'd say that and truly mean it, but I do.

So I got into a car accident. My first and only car accident that I've had in the five years I've been driving. It was bad, it sucks, my back hurts, whatever. That's not the point. So my car is totaled, and considering both of my parents work full time, I need a car. So I've been shopping. And shopping. And shopping...

It sucks. I mean, I get it, everyone wants to get as much money as they can, but do they really have to treat me like an idiot? I know a car with 180,000 miles on it with a rusting trunk isn't worth $5000, and I should get to slap someone that thinks it is.


Sorry, sometimes I just need to rant. Well, the good thing is that I have the day off of work and no car shopping with happen until around 4 today. I just finished my doctor's appointment and while I have a dentist soon, besides that, all I have to do today is write and watch my favorite Disney movie. God, I love these days.

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*Pets* I've been there. I had a car accident when I was... hmm... 19? My car was totaled and I had really really bad whiplash. People don't comprehend just how bad whiplash can be. Anyway *hug* and hope it all gets better soon.

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