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This has not been a very good summer....
Earlier this summer, a mere weeks after I escaped the stress that was my spring semester, my iPod that had been put-putting along for quite some time, decided to die. Not a huge deal, it had been threatening it for a while, and the iPod was already five years old. I was expecting and had been saving. No big deal. Then my camera died. While it's four years old, it's not used all that often, and I'm not going to lie, I was a little ticked off. I'm preparing to go to Colorado for the first time in my life, and I want to document it. But nonetheless, it's still not a big deal. Then I got into an accident that totaled my car. I'm not an angry person, really, I'm not, but I was PISSED when this happened. The lady was talking on her cell phone, her flippin CELL PHONE! People like that piss me off, especially when they crush my beloved George (my old car). That one hurt, both figuratively and literally, but once it was done and the insurance company paid up, it was done. Case closed, end of story. It was time for me to enjoy what was left of my too short summer.

Yesterday my laptop died.

I give up.

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Oh my god... technology has not been nice to you at all this summer. I am so very sorry. I hope once school starts things start to look up, because it seriously can't get any worse. A huge hug from me. :)

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